The World is Bigger Than Us.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Today the House of Bishops traveled around visiting different churches. Diana and I chose not to attend the Cathedral because we were there last year during our previous visit to Taiwan.

Instead we went to the Church of the Advent and I was so pleased that we did. What a beautiful church building and the people were wonderful. Church of the Advent is located on a main road in the grounds of St. John’s University.


Church of the Advent

St. John’s University is the successor of two educational facilities founded in 1879 and 1891 in Shanghai by Bishop S. I. Joseph Schereschewsky of which we celebrate in our List of Holy Men and Women. It was founded in 1967 in Taiwan after the Red Chinese confiscated the property on mainland China. It has over 6,000 students and 400 faculty and staff. The Rector of Advent Church is also the chaplain of the university.

I am sending some pictures of the main building of the university that was started in the 19th Century in Shanghai by Episcopal missionaries in China. It was confiscated by the Communist government and a few years afterwards it was reopen in Taipei.

This afternoon after our return the bishops and spouses debriefed their experiences in the Republic of China in Taiwan. I think that one of the main gifts that we have received as bishops is to know firsthand that the world is not just us; there are many languages and foods and songs. Many of our bishops come from areas where diversity is not the norm as it is in South Florida, or Los Angeles or New York. The world is becoming so small with all the communication we have available and we can not afford to think that we are alone in this planet.

Right now I am typing in a keyboard that has keys in three different languages. It’s a chore but it works. One thing that is happening right now (and far to familiar to South Floridians) in Taiwan is that we are experiencing the beginning of a typhoon named Fung-Wong, which means “phoenix” in Cantonese. The State Department has warned Americans to take shelter and avoid going out while it is passing. It’s coming from the Philippines where it caused some damage. Please keep us in your prayers.

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